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    Buy Large Whiteboards: Shop Online

    Office Outlet has an extensive range of large magnetic whiteboards (dry-erase boards) to suit any application or budget. Communicate your message effectively to employees, colleagues or students with a modern whiteboard.Specialising in large whiteboards for education, schools, classrooms and offices, including porcelain, magnetic, wall-mounted and mobile whiteboards.

    Magnetic Whiteboards

    The Office Outlet range of large magnetic whiteboards are ideal for education, schools, colleges, classrooms, boardrooms, offices, training facilities, common rooms, and academic institutions. Communicate your ideas effectively, and present vital data and information to your students or colleagues. Large whiteboards are ideal for presentations, teaching, lessons, and conveying messages on the writing surface.

    A porcelain whiteboard and commercial whiteboard are designed for use with non-permanent erasable markers and standard magnets. The smooth surface is ideal for rapid marking and erasing text or drawn images. Our educational whiteboards are designed specifically for high use application.  

    There are two main types of whiteboards, each suited to a specific application. Please read about benefits of Porcelain vs Commercial whiteboards below before making your selection. 

    Porcelain Whiteboards

    Porcelain Whiteboards are the highest quality and built to handle busy, high-traffic schools, offices, training facilities and more. Porcelain Whiteboards feature a ceramicsteel surface, and are scratch, stain and fade resistant.

    Your whiteboard has just been upgraded. Incredibly long lasting and designed to combat frequent and heavy writing. If you're running a school, hold seminars and conferences for a living, Office Outlet's range of magnetic whiteboards are a worthy investment. Porcelain Whiteboards (sometimes known as enameled boards) are superior to regular whiteboards are come recommended for use in commercial environments. Our Visionchart Porcelain whiteboards are constructed from high quality materials, and the ceramicsteel surface is resistant to staining over time. 

    Please select from our premium quality porcelain whiteboards. Once you've chosen the style you want, you can then select from a number of popular sizes. Office Outlet is the leading Australian supplier for government tenders, commercial tenders, wholesale and office fitout.

    Commercial Whiteboards

    Commercial whiteboards, or dry-erase boards, may refer to a painted steel whiteboard, aluminum, laminate, or acrylic whiteboard,  an are not warrantied for educational, training and high use areas.

    The Commercial Whiteboard range is an excellent low cost alternative to porcelain. The surface is warrantied for 8 years, under normal use. This surface is in low end usage sites where daily regular use is not required.

    Buy Whiteboards

    A whiteboard is the crucial element to any organised office or classroom.  

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